3rd Short Course on "Gender, Media and Conflict" - Mbodiène, Senegal, from 1st to 5th April 2009.

Thirty women and men coming from all over the African continent participated in a five day 3rd Short Course on "Gender, Media and Conflict" that took place in Mbodiène, Senegal, from 1st to 5th April 2009.

 The purpose of this short course was to reinforce the skills of the professional grassroots level women and men working in peace and Media, and to allow them to improve their approach to issues of Media coverage during and after conflict.
Following the success of the two previous short courses, FAS' Pan African Centre and the University for Peace (UPEACE) co-organised this short course that examined the role of Media in conflict prevention and conflict transformation, Media coverage of women in conflict and feminist media were issues.
The short course was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, the African Women's Development Fund, Norwegian Embassy, CESTI (Centre d'Etudes des Sciences at Techniques de l'Information), and the Italian Government.
The course represented a dynamic exchange of practical knowledge and experience from the different environments of the participants.
The Trainers for the course were:
- Mr Alvaro Sierra, Professor at UPEACE Costa Rica;
- Ms Sophie Ly, Journalist and former OSIWA Media Program Officer;
- Ms Eugenie R. Aw, CESTI Director;
- and Mr Emmanuel Caulier, Professor at CEDS Paris.
They drove the course stressing and clarifying the concepts, terms and definitions of Gender, Media and Conflict. They also focused on the role of Media professionals and people working in communication and how to strengthen their capacity in the areas of Media coverage before, during and after conflict with a focus on Gender. The course was conducted through lectures and workshops to allow the participants to increase and test their understanding with theoretical and practical methods.
 A field visit to Thies at the Ecole Nationale des Officers d'Active was organized to understand how peacekeepers are trained with regards to the protection of women and girls and the implementation of UNSCR 1325 on women, peace and security.

Furthermore, the Opening and Closing Ceremonies have seen important personalities involved and devoted to the role of women and their empowerment in peace processes in Africa.
Firstly, the representatives of FAS and UPEACE, Ms Bineta Diop and Mr Jean-Bosco Butera and then, the were the Minister of Families, National Solidarity, the Empowerment of Women and Micro-finance of Senegal, Ms Awa Ndiaye; Ms Thelma Awori, President of Isis-Wicce and Member of FAS Board; Mr Said Djinnit, SRSG for West Africa; Ms Dina Rodriguez, Head of the Department for Gender and Peace Education at UPEACE; and Mr Mamadou M. Seck, Director of NEPAD, Government of Senegal.
They all highlighted the importance of the training, gave their support to the theme of Gender, Media and Conflict and recognized the effort and results reached, such ad the Maputo Protocol and the UNSCR 1325, without forget the future challenges the African women need to face.

Media coverage during conflict is a critical issue. Therefore the course represented a way to facilitate the growth of the knowledge base and skills of Africans working in Media and Peace building, and to create a framework of trained African personnel who will use these skills within their own countries, bilaterally and regionally. A significant outcome of the course has been the implementation and creation of a network among participants, trainers and organizers to share experiences, information and facts, a network built to try to prevent a bad condition for women in conflict situations and to multiple the efforts made in fighting violence and in promoting the role of women.


Coffe Break, a space of networking and building partnership

 Closing Ceremony, Family Photo

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