8th Regional Conference on Women, Beijing +15

The 8th Regional Conference on Women, Beijing +15, Banjul, Gambia on 16 - 20, November 2009.

The last review in Africa of the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action was in 2004. This was a major review and the process included country reports, sub-regional conferences, as well as a regional conference.
It is imperative that the Beijing Platform for Action (BPFA) continues to inform the political, social and economic development processes in all the member States of Africa.

The BPFA provides the actions for the implementation of commitments made by member States to the regional and global declarations as well as to meet the MDG goals.
2010 is the mid-term review to Beijing +20. This is a critical time for stocktaking and determining the miles still to be covered towards achieving gender equality and women's empowerment. To ensure that all 53 member states report on their level of implementation, the Africa BPFA review will take place in 2009 to be able to inform the global report for the review in 2010.
National reports will be used to collect information on the implementation of the BPFA in Africa, including text on the lessons of experience and best practices, beside information on indicators and the gender profile. In order to achieve standardization and uniformity of national reports, annotated guidelines will be designed to help the countries draft their reports. As a close partner, FAS will take part in this event, and will organize panels during this conference.