Field Visit to Mozambique

Following Mozambique election, and in preparation of the African Gender Award Ceremony the Selection Committee was invited to an audience with the President Guebuza on August 28th 2009.
A Delegation of the Committee was set up to organize a field visit to Maputo to offer their personal congratulations to H.E. President Armando Guebuza for his election as recipient of the 2009 Award.

The Delegation to Maputo was composed of :
- Mr. Ayodele Aderinwale, Executive Director, Africa Leadership Forum, Nigeria;
- Ms. Bineta Diop, Executive Director, Femmes Africa Solidarité;
- Ms. Codou Diaw, Executive Director, Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE), Kenya;
- Mr. Vasu Gounden, Founder and Executive Director, African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes, South Africa.
The Delegation was hosted by Honorable Madam Graça Machel, President of Foundation for Community Development (FDC). Despite the fact that H.E Madame Graça Machel was not present but she committed her staff in particular Ms Marta Cumbi and Valuarda Monjane in the preparation of the event.

Objective of the Visit

The general objective of the field visit to Maputo was to introduce the principle for which the African Gender Award is dedicated and to present the programme of the 2009 African Gender Award to the Mozambican Government's authorities, to the Private Sector, and to Civil Society.

Audience with His Excellency

The Delegation congratulated Mozambique for its election stressing that it was a process on the continental level where the recipient country was selected given specific indicators guided by the Solemn Declaration on Gender Equity in Africa (SDGEA). Honoured by this Award the President of Mozambique felt grateful and he committed himself to advocate Gender mainstreaming within its peers and especially inside the African Union and the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

The meeting with the President was ended by a press conference session where the Delegation presented the Award programme to the press. The press welcomed Mozambique's Victory and the conference was broadcasted throughout the country the day after.

Meeting with the Civil Society and the Private sector

Thanks to the support of FDC, 40 representatives from the Private Sector (PS0 and the Civil Society (CSO) were present. During the meeting, the Delegation briefed the participants on the Recognitions which will be given to them during the 2009 Award Ceremony. The Delegation emphasized that contrary to the Award's recipient who was chosen by the Selection Committee, the recipients for the Recognitions are going to be selected through a national a process where the decision belongs to the members of the CSO and the PS in Mozambique. Still, the Delegation underlined that the process must be transparent and in accordance with set criteria which can be adjusted from the SDGEA' indicators.

Concluding remarks

The field visit gave to the Delegation the opportunity to meet HE President Armando Guebuza prior to its visit to Dakar where he will receive the Award. It was an occasion to inform him that Mozambique won because it relatively fulfilled the indicators mentioned in the SDGEA.

Concerning the coordination and the follow up of the Recognition's selection process, there was a consensus among the Delegation that FDC should assist the Private Sector and the CSO to lay down the indicators for electing the recipients for the African Gender Recognitions in order to ensure the transparency of the process.

To conclude the Delegation was pleased as the main objectives of the visit were fulfilled. Also, The Delegation was thrilled to notice that the Award was gladly received not only by the President of Mozambique but also by the population of Mozambique.