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Femmes Africa Solidarite(FAS) | Mission to Sudan

Mission to Sudan, Khartoum and Juba

3rd Mission to Sudan

Khartoum and Juba

15  - 30 August, 2008


FAS has sent a 3rd Mission to Sudan to facilitate a consultative meeting at the local and regional level, to establish the secretariat and to meet with relevant authorities to guarantee their support to the 2nd Sudanese Women's Forum.

The 2nd Mission validated in an independent way, the requests made by the Sudanese women.
It underscored the urgent need for a variety of training as well as for awareness raising campaigns. Furthermore, it showed the importance of a local coordinating mechanism to effectively and efficiently implement this initiative.

For the 3rd Mission, FAS will rely once more on the team of experienced consultants: Ms. Berewa Jommo, Ms. Jessica Nkuuhe, Dr. Marema Touré and Dr. Monica Juma - coordinator of the group.  Femmes Africa Solidarité's Executive Director, Ms. Bineta Diop is accompanying the group.

The consultants have participated in the two previous missions to Sudan and in the majority of the activities of the project. The fact finding mission lead by Former High Commissioner for Human Rights Mrs. Mary Robinson and a delegation of seven other prominent women- including Ms. Diop, echoed a vigorous campaign to engender peace process in Darfur, Sudan.

The success of the mission relies on the experience that FAS has in implementing the planned activities in conflict zones, and on its understanding and engagement in the region. Moreover the effective and efficient use of times and resources, FAS will count on the support of the Forum and other partner organizations.

The Mission is supposed to result in high level meetings with the Government of Sudan, UN dignitaries, and other relevant representatives so as to guarantee their support to the Forum; ensure that the first step towards the organization of the 2nd meeting of the Forum are taken, particularly regarding logistics, programme, and participants; and lastly that relevant training material is produced.