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Femmes Africa Solidarite(FAS) | Sub-Regional Impact


Capacity Building & Advocacy Programme in the Mano River Region

The Mano River Women's Peace Network (MARWOPNET) was born out of FAS's capacity building and advocacy programme involving the three countries of the region, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.  Its early action prevented the outbreak of hostilities between the three countries by bringing their leaders back to the negotiating table. In his report to the Security Council in April 2001, UN Secretary-General, Mr Kofi Annan, commended MARWOPNET's positive contribution to peacebuilding. In December 2003, the UN General Assembly awarded the Network the prestigious UN Prize in the field of Human Rights in recognition of its achievement in this field.

Liberia Peace Accord & Election of Ellen Johnson

FAS also supported a delegation of women from MARWOPNET Liberia during the June 2003 Akosombo Talks during which the leader of the delegation, Ms Theresa Leigh-Sherman, signed the peace accord as a witness. This subsequently brought the transitional government and transitional peace accord into fruition. After the Akosombo Talks of June 2003, Liberian women formed part of the National Transitional Government of Liberia as per the provisions of the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA). Together with MARWOPNET, an election observation mission was organized for the national elections in Liberia in October 2005, which saw the appointment of Liberia's and Africa's first female Head of State with the election of Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as President.

Burundi Peace Negotiation & Democratization Process

In response to an appeal from the women of Burundi, FAS organized a peace mission as well as training workshops for conflict resolution for about 150 Burundian women who participated in the Arusha Peace Process & Negotiations in 1998. In 2000, the Arusha Agreement was signed, offering guidelines for peace building and the reconstruction and democratization of the country. FAS supported CAFOB, a Burundian umbrella NGO, to consolidate its involvement in their democratization process and their participation in the AU/UN International Conference on the Great Lakes in 2004.

Inter-Congolese Dialogue & Women's Consultation Framework

FAS facilitated a consultative process in the DRC, training workshops and advocacy activities which resulted in the adoption of the Nairobi Declaration and Plan of Action. FAS supported women's groups in establishing a women's coalition in the country and in ensuring that they contributed to the elections in mid-2005, first free elections held for over 40 years.

Lobby for a Ceasefire in Darfur

In 2007, FAS actively lobbied for the protection of women in Darfur, and addressed the UN Security Council on the issue. FAS also participated in the Eminent Women Mission to Chad, led by Mary Robinson, which was organized by OXFAM in order to contribute to the UN General Assembly high level meeting on Darfur in New York in September 2007 and to speak to the UN Security Council on an Arria Formula, organized by France on 1st October 2007.