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Femmes Africa Solidarite(FAS) | Interview of Ms Diop to the radio Suomi

Interview of Ms Diop to the radio Suomi (Finland) on 18 September 2008

Radio Suomi is the most listen radio station in Finland.

The story is in Finnish but here is the summary of the story.

Contents: Women are just not victims in the crises but they also have the strength to find the way out from the crisis and build their countries. In Darfur women have underwent inhuman suffering, but now they are looking ahead.

Main points of the story:

- International colloquium on women's empowerment will take place in Liberia in March 2009.
- Liberia is an example of a country where women have been able to create an access to power.
- UN resolution 1325
- Introduction of FAS and Ms Bineta Diop
- Ms. Diop tells about women in Darfur, what they think and what they need
- Ms Elisabeth Rehn tells about the aim of the colloquium
- Ms Diop think that colloquium is important because it gives example of women in power, so power can be given to as many as possible women, in African countries.
- Ms. Elisabeth Rehn thinks that the future of Africa is in the hands of women and she tells that the position and status of women has risen in African countries after crises. Women are the ones who have the will and strength to build the country again.