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Femmes Africa Solidarite(FAS) | NATIONAL

DRC Project on Building Democratic Institutions through Gender Equality

In order to ensure the full and equitable participation of women in all decision-making processes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, FAS is working on a new project aimed at engendering the democratic process in DRC. This project is supported by UNDP, UNIFEM and UNDEF and requires additional funding partners.

Preparation for Colloquium on Women's Empowerment & Leadership in Liberia to be held in 2009

FAS was designated as the Vice-chair for the preparation of this Colloquium planned for March 2009, and to be organized under the auspices of the President of Liberia her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. It will focus on UNSCR 1325, on the effects of armed conflicts on women and girls, and the importance of women in peace processes. The Colloquium will establish a space for exchange of knowledge and experience for the organizations and enterprises devoted to Africa's development through women's participation in the decision process. The objective is to define strategies for facilitating the access of women to high level positions in economic and political spheres in Africa, taking as an example Uganda, Rwanda or Scandinavian countries.