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Femmes Africa Solidarite(FAS) | High Level Seminar

High level Seminar "Resolution 1325 in 2020: Looking Forward, Looking Back": A vision for women in Peace and Security for the next decade

Durban, SOUTH AFRICA. 8-9 October 2010

The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) and the African Union Peace and Security Commission hosted an international High Level Seminar, in Durban (South Africa), entitled "Resolution 1325 in 2020: Looking Forward, Looking Back", on 8th and 9th October 2010. The Seminar brought together approximately sixty participants, which included high level officials of the UN and AU, the Regional Economic Communities and policy makers working in conflict situations, as well as African and international experts in the area of women, peace and security.

Mrs. Bineta Diop, FAS' Executive Director, participated in this High Level Seminar due to the leading role FAS has played in the promotion of African women in peace and security issues.

This meeting attempted to compliment the numerous initiatives on Resolution 1325 currently underway, by looking at what needs to be put in place over the next decade to achieve the outcomes that the Seminar will envision for 2020 and beyond. More specifically:

a) Envision what the African Women in Peace and Security agenda must look like in 2020;

b) Assess the past decade since the adoption of UNSCR 1325, and the subsequent related UN Resolutions 1820, 1888 and 1889 with the view of identifying the lessons learned, and the gaps that still exist for Africa; and

c) Evolve an Africa-wide Strategy for Women in Peace and Security to ensure that we reach that vision.

The Seminar took place within the African Union's (AU) 2010  Year of Peace and Security, under the slogan  "Make Peace Happen".  Preceding the official lauch of the  African Women Decade in Nairobi the event also benefitted from the momentum built around the 10th anniversary of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325.

The Seminar concluded by highlghting the remaining  gaps that exist between  the Resolution's aspirations and women's reality. 

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