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Femmes Africa Solidarite(FAS) | African Development Forum

The Seventh African Development Forum (ADF-VII)

Durban, SOUTH AFRICA, 8-9 October 2010

Climate change is one of the most challenging threats to sustainable development in Africa.  Although the continent contributes only about 3.8% of total greenhouse gas emissions, its countries are among the most vulnerable to climate change in the world.  The continent is unable to respond adequately to the effects of climate change because of widespread poverty, poor social infrastructure, conflicts, limited human and institutional capacities, etc.

Some of the projected impacts of climate change on Africa's development are:

- Increasing water stress and water-related conflicts;

- Loss of biodiversity and natural habitats, threatening the well being of millions of people;

- Increased risks of conflicts, instability and security threats, associated with massive population migrations induced by extreme climate events.

The Seventh African Development Forum (ADF-VII) is aimed at providing a multi-stakeholder platform to discuss and build consensus on the above imperatives. Mme. Bineta Diop, FAS' Executive Director, is participating in this Forum which searches to mobilize these stakeholders and partners to mainstream climate change concerns into development policies, strategies and practices in Africa. Finally, this Forum also aims to strengthen Africa's participation in international climate change negotiations with a view to ensuring adequate reflection of the continent's concerns and priorities in a post-2012 international climate change regime.


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