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Femmes Africa Solidarite(FAS) | Building an agenda

Building an agenda

FAS recognizes that durable peace must incorporate the human dimension of security, which focuses on issues crucial to people's daily lives, such as food, health, housing, education and employment.

Conflict affects women differently from men. This means they bring different concerns to conflict resolution and peacebuilding processes. And yet, despite their extensive experience of problem solving, gained from their pivotal role in the community, women are often viewed as passive victims. However, women are not mere victims of conflict but are key actors in repairing the shattered social fabric. When they are organized, women can make a difference by bringing their own expertise in the area of human security to the negotiating table.

Nonetheless, women are often lumped together and thought of as a homogeneous group, when in fact they have different interests and different political affiliations and represent different ethnic groups. In order to work together effectively, these disparate groups of women can benefit from third party intervention from a neutral and impartial mediator. FAS works to mobilize and unify women during the process of post-conflict reconstruction and to encourage them to define and articulate their priorities by creating an agenda.

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